What is a Decorative Painting?

From prehistoric times, humans always strive to make their homes a better place of living by decorating and painting it. Decorative painting is no more unfamiliar to ordinary people. Although, it has a long history and have gone through tremendous changes over the different genres of painting. For centuries, decorative painting is used to embellish walls, personal objects and gifts for loved ones. It is known and referred to by names nowadays, including folk art, country painting, tole painting and rustic painting. Today, decorative painting is a universal term that refers to the decoration of objects of any material by painting on them. By applying various painting techniques, decorative painters from a hodgepodge of functional and non-functional art to attain a distinct and unique design, which is now commonly labeled as decorative painting.

Background overview:

During the 19th century, decorative paintings reach to its glorious height and then in the 20th century this trend was revived. Decorative painting is usually done on three-dimensional objects rather than the traditional method of painting on a flat surface of the canvas. The object can be of any material, varying from wood to any corner of the house, which after painting could give a new lease of life. As it is a diverse art form, so a highly teachable art form because of its contemporary decorative painting and systematic methods employed. The patterns or freehand designs offer a great deal of success and fame. Decorative artists inclined to paint ‘traditional folk art style’ that originates from various corners of the world which have passed from generations to generations along with the variety of contemporary painting styles.

Moreover, contemporary decorative paintings offer opportunities for creative satisfaction and artistic self-expression. Techniques and styles of the past are incorporated into present trend and materials. Meanwhile, this struggle of incorporation of past and present idea leads to the future heritage of decorative art. Most often, it is regarded as a craft because of its systematically skill building and task-oriented technique training. Anyone, regardless of previous training, artistic experience or special skills, can learn the decorative art. Nowadays, some form of decorative paintings most commonly, glazing, marbling, stenciling and mural painting, that can be found virtually in ever home. It is a craft practiced by professional, trained and experienced with a basic discipline commitment to aesthetic sensibility.

The fun of decorative painting is that you surround yourself with the color, whimsy and beauty, depending upon your choice of decorating everything in your home. Paint a chair, a table or any desirable object to place it on a shelf, a canvas to hang on a wall or even the wall itself. For decorative painters, different projects are created according to different skill levels. At learning stage, there is little creativity left on the part of the learner as students replicate the work of the teacher. The sheer fact about decorative painting is an ordinary thing into a unique decorative object by painting it with passion, heart, and dedication.

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